Eurythmics were no fools in LA last night – Our review!

What an amazing evening last night was.  Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox performed as Eurythmics for the first time since 2005, a synergy they shared with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr who also hadn’t performed together for 9 years.
The evening flowed well, with a few breaks for set changes …

Eurythmics are about to perform in LA

Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox will shortly be taking to the stage to perform as Eurythmics for the first time in over 8 years.
They are appearing in Los Angeles at The Convention centre at the Beatles 50th anniversary celebration called “The Beatles – The Night That Changed America…

Record Of The Week Beatles Special: Dave Stewart and Ringo Starr

Dave and Ringo have worked together the most of all the Beatles, 2 albums, a few singles, and now a film \musical about Ringo’s life is in the pipeline.  Dave has performed with Ringo many times!
Here’s the video for Liverpool followed by a Dave and Ringo …

Record Of The Week Beatles Special: Dave Stewart and John Lennon

Dave has also had a long history with Ringo Starr and George Harrison and Paul McCartney and has a deep respect for John Lennon too.
So here’s Dave’s 10″ single featuring Instant Karma live at The Troubadour, and a video of The Spiritual Cowboys performing it live.

Record Of The Week Beatles Special: Dave Stewart and Paul McCartney

A year after the historic 46664 concert in South Africa which launched the Nelson Mandela worldwide HIV/AIDS campaign carrying his former prison number, new tracks recorded to support the campaign featuring Paul McCartney, and Dave Stewart were made available for the first time exclusively on…

Record Of The Week Beatles Special: Dave Stewart and George Harrison

Dave Stewart’s Platinum Weird project also saw a cover of George Harrison’s This Guitar (Can’t Keep From Crying) featuring George himself on vocals. 
Adding to the track was Ringo on drums and tambourine, Mark Hudson on bass and background vocals, and Dhani Harrison and Dave …

Record Of The Week Beatles Special: Eurythmics – Come Together

Well as Dave and Annie perform tonight in Los Angeles, we’re featuring a few Beatles related Eurythmics records today!
First we have Eurythmics covering Come Together. The song was written by John Lennon and credited to Lennon–McCartney. The song is the opening track on the album Abbey R…

Bid on Annie Lennox’s hat donated to St Mungo’s homeless charity

As in previous years, Annie Lennox has once again donated a hat to St. Mungo’s charity for the homeless and their Woolly Hat Campaign
Annie Lennox, OBE, is a Scottish recording artist, who first achieved major international success as one half of Eurythmics. She is one of the world’s…

Dave Stewart And Annie Lennox have finished their first day of rehearsals

As Monday draws nearer for the first live performance from Eurythmics for 8 years, Annie has arrived in LA and Dave has just posted that they are sounding magical after the first day of rehearsals.
Still no clues as to the song they are performing though!
Here’s the feature in the Daily…

Photo Of The Week: Annie for Tibet

Annie at a news conference for the Freedom for Tibet campaign in March 1999. Unfortunately it doesn’t say where the photo was taken! I really like Annie’s natural look on this photo and love the colours of the flag behind her!