Annie Lennox donates her Burberry glasses to Sightsavers Auction

Item description
As worn by Annie Lennox – Burberry auburn classic style sunglasses
An ideal gift for fans of Annie Lennox or Eurythmics. Annie has kindly donated these amazing Burberry glasses for our appeal. They have dark brown scratch resistant lenses.
In great condition, and includes…

Annie Lennox’s signed shoes raises £1025 at auction

Annie Lennox is a Small Steps Project Donor, who has kindly signed and donated her shoes
to raise funds for children living on rubbish dumps around the world. Annie’s shoes
have sold today for £1025 which is an amazing result for the charity.

Small Steps Project – 2014 Celebrity …

Annie Lennox Makes HIV/AIDS a Fashion Statement in Style Files

Annie Lennox does not care about fashion, but she does care about style.
And, as she reveals in this episode of’s Style Files, she will happily use clothing and fashion to make the world a better place. Lennox is known for wearing t-shirts that say “HIV Positive” on…

Chart update for Annie Lennox’s latest album Nostalgia

A chart update to digest, Annie has reached the No. 1 spot in the Australian Jazz Charts, became a new entry in the New Zealand Charts today, moved down one space in the UK album chart but moved up one space in the regional Scotland album charts.  The album is featured now in 17 different …